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Betty Roberts - TMJ, Balance

I continue to be impressed by the multiplicity of knowledge concerning every aspect of my body's needs that I have recieved in my treatments from Dr. Danforth.  He has helped my TMJ tremendously.  I can now "Bite" into an apple after 3-4 yrs of slicing one.  I had been told by another D.C. that he could not help with the TMJ. My spine also feels so much better, especially in my neck and lower back.  I find myself sitting up straighter and without pain, also I seem to be walking more confidentaly and balanced.  He even removed 22 year old scar tissue from surgery that was affecting being comfortable while in clothing.  I've gone to different Dr.'s over the years, but have never experienced such complete attention and results with my overall needs. I am throughly convinced that Dr. Danforth's practice is the "Real Deal."  I now know my search for a good doctor has become final.

                                                                                                                                       Betty Roberts