Rich Hudgins - Blood pressure, Knee pain, Mood, Sleep apnea, Tremors

The changes I have witnessed in my husband Rich in just a matter of days and weeks are the following: His tremors are gone, sleep apnea has greatly improved, he can get up easily, he can walk without limping from the knee pain he had, he's lost 15 pounds, blood pressure is now normal, his mood has drastically improved and he says his thought process has returned, his stomach has not experienced upset.  His skin and eyes are clearing up.  Even his gray hair is disappearing as his hair gets darker.  What Dr. Danforth does with the diet he prescribes also are the keys.  Attitude is everything and I've witnessed how the doctor connected with Rich in terms Rich could relate.  We were so tired of the many medications and sermons from our general physcian as nothing improved.  By choosing to utilize Dr. Danforth's treatment we have our life back without those drugs and theres no need for those sermons.

                                                                                                                     Diana Hudgins