Many of those that we have helped have written about their experiences.  We have included some to show others what might be possible in their lives as we.

Pansy Burtis

I am an 84 year old woman and all my life I have been emberassed because I was incontinent.  This is so personal for anyone.  After a few treatments with Dr. Danforth I suddenly realized I was no longer incontinent.  Now this is GREAT!

                                                                             Pansy Burtis              

Tommy Morman

After only 4 treaments of laser therapy I can see changes in my left leg which I burned using a heating pad following a fall I took about 15 years ago.  The skin had turned brown all around the leg except the very back, and I had a deep purple area across the middle of the brown area where I hit my leg on a bleacher when I fell.  This purple area has lightened and there are several small areas at the top of the scar and on the inside of my ankles.  The first treatment started some sharp pains in the left leg and I had tingling in three toes on my right foot!  This is really great as I have had very limited feeling in both feet and lower legs.  This problem has kept me from much sleep over the years.

                                                                                                                      Tommy Morman

Rich Hudgins - Blood pressure, Knee pain, Mood, Sleep apnea, Tremors

The changes I have witnessed in my husband Rich in just a matter of days and weeks are the following: His tremors are gone, sleep apnea has greatly improved, he can get up easily, he can walk without limping from the knee pain he had, he's lost 15 pounds, blood pressure is now normal, his mood has drastically improved and he says his thought process has returned, his stomach has not experienced upset.  His skin and eyes are clearing up.  Even his gray hair is disappearing as his hair gets darker.  What Dr. Danforth does with the diet he prescribes also are the keys.  Attitude is everything and I've witnessed how the doctor connected with Rich in terms Rich could relate.  We were so tired of the many medications and sermons from our general physcian as nothing improved.  By choosing to utilize Dr. Danforth's treatment we have our life back without those drugs and theres no need for those sermons.

                                                                                                                     Diana Hudgins

Betty Roberts - TMJ, Balance

I continue to be impressed by the multiplicity of knowledge concerning every aspect of my body's needs that I have recieved in my treatments from Dr. Danforth.  He has helped my TMJ tremendously.  I can now "Bite" into an apple after 3-4 yrs of slicing one.  I had been told by another D.C. that he could not help with the TMJ. My spine also feels so much better, especially in my neck and lower back.  I find myself sitting up straighter and without pain, also I seem to be walking more confidentaly and balanced.  He even removed 22 year old scar tissue from surgery that was affecting being comfortable while in clothing.  I've gone to different Dr.'s over the years, but have never experienced such complete attention and results with my overall needs. I am throughly convinced that Dr. Danforth's practice is the "Real Deal."  I now know my search for a good doctor has become final.

                                                                                                                                       Betty Roberts

Jessica Melakian - Migraines, Allergies, Tendonitis, Pregnancy

I originally went to Dr. Danforth for help with migraine headaches.  However the care I was given helped me in so many more ways.  I was diagnosed with migraines at the age of two.  I had been suffering with them my entire life, missing weeks of school and work.  Sometimes I would even wind up in the hospital.  We tried every medication and special diet under the sun and nothing seemed to work.  Finally I decided to try a chiropractor.  I was referred to Dr. Danforth and I am so thankful for that!  Not only were my migraines drastically diminished, but TONS of other health problems were fixed that I didn't even know could be.  My allergies disappeared, the tendonitis I had in both wrists disappeared and probably most importantly, my reproductive organs were fixed.  I was told by two seperate specialists that I would not be able to have children.  My husband and I had resolved ourselves to adopting a child when we were ready.  About 6 months after I started seeing Dr. Danforth, we got the suprising yet miraculous news that I was pregnant!  We were absolutely estatic!  Our little boy is due in 6 weeks and I can't thank Dr. Danforth enough for everything he did for me!

                                                                                           Jessica Melakian