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About Dr. Danforth

Dr. Gilbert Danforth D.C. Ph.C.

Graduate of Idalou High School
Veteran U.S. Navy
Graduate of Texas Tech University B.S. Biochemistry minor in Microbiology
Doctorate Parker College Dallas Texas Chiropractic and B.S. Anatomy
Extensive Post Graduate work includes: Applied and Clinical Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Structural and organ therapies including Nutrition, continuing education in Body Integration (reconnecting the brain to the body)

Dr. Gilbert DanforthI brought Alternative Medicine in with Chiropractic in 1997.  There are 3 main aspects of the body which includes Structure, Biochemistry and Neurophysiology.  Our goal at the clinic is to find the cause of the problem, give the body what it needs and it will heal itself.  We have developed very powerful tools to deal with each of these aspects.  The most powerful tool in structure deals with Chiropractic adjustments of the joints in the body to affect nerve control of muscles, tissues and organs.  Biochemistry's most powerful tool is Nutrition and how food affects us Hormonally and finally Neurophysiology is dealt with using the acupuncture system and Neuroemotional techniques.

Chiropractic was started in 1895 by B.J. Palmer and since then basic Chiropractic has remained unchanged because Chiropractic is based on principles and as you know facts may change but principles never change. This does not mean that we have not grown or learned more about treating people. In fact, we have had brilliant doctors develop methods of getting information from each patients body to tell us more about what is causing the problems.  Dr. George Goodhart listened to his father, also a chiropractor, when he said listen to your patients and pay attention.  What Dr. Goodhart discovered was that Organs refer their pain to specific muscles and in his research discovered 5 factors associated with each muscle: a vertebral level of subluxation in the spine which controls the muscle, Neurovascular points that control blood flow to specific parts of the body, NeuroLymphatic points which control lymphatic flow to specific parts of the body, a specific nutrient that each muscle monitors and an acupuncture points.

Dr. Gonstead developed a method of adjusting the spine which causes great changes in body function in fact his clinic grew to the point that people came from all over the world to receive treatment for problems that no one else had been able to help.

Dr. Rene Thomas developed "Body Integration" finding 498 muscles and each muscle monitors 13 components of body function.  She currently treats MS, Charcott Marie tooth, polio, post polio, ALS and had been involved with successfully treating dyslexia in children for which she has a foundation named Ennis Cosby, the son of Bill Cosby.

If you are like most people the majority of your problems are coming from your nervous system.  Let me explain how your body works. If you look at a representation of the spine and the nerves that exit at each level or vertebra you will get two pictures, one of the nerves going to all the muscles and the other showing the branches coming off those nerves that go to all the organs.  If we cut the nerve going to a muscle we lose all function and control of that muscle don't we. Now what if we just put pressure in the nerve going to a muscle?  We still have some control but it is not going to work right is it! So what is the difference if we put pressure on the nerve going to an organ?  That organ is not going to function normally is it!  In fact if we leave pressure on a nerve 10, 15 or 20 years what happens is we develop disease in those organs.

What does Health mean to you?

Most people think to be healthy means to feel good and be able to do what ever they want. But, can you feel good and not be healthy?  What are some conditions that you can think of where you may feel good but your not healthy?

If you said: Cancer, High Blood pressure, Herpes, Heart disease then you get an A+.  You can also feel bad and still be healthy.
Pain tells us that we have a problem it doesn't necessarily tell us what or where the problem is located.  We said earlier that organs refer their pain for example: Gall stone or Gallbladder problems will refer their pain under the right scapula or shoulder blade, Kidney may refer its pain anywhere from the umbilicus down to the knees.    So now you say "What does this all have to do with Chiropractic?"  What concerns me more than the pain that brings people in is where those nerves go. Pain is one of the last things to come on and one of the first things to go.

So, if Chiropractic affects the nerves that go to organs and correcting the cause of the pressure on those nerves will stop or prevent those organs from malfunctioning, then we should do all we can to actually correct the problem not just treat the symptom (pain).  Would it surprise you to know that Chiropractic may be able to help if you have things like: Asthma, Heartburn, acid reflux, bowel or bladder problems, bed wetting, and the list goes on.  It turns out that there are basically three main phases of Healing.  The first is the corrective phase where we must get the joint moving in all its normal range of motion, stretch out the ligaments and get the little muscles going that normally control the joint.  And if your like most people, most of your symptoms will be relieved in the correction phase but we're not done yet.  Once the joint can move, the soft tissue (muscle, ligaments, tendons, disc and nerves) can start healing. This is known as the healing phase.  The last phase of healing is the rehab or strengthening phase.  If a  joint can't move normally it has fixation or loss of movement much like putting you arm in a cast, and you actually lose muscle mass and nerve control over those muscles.  This makes the spine weak in those areas that have lost muscle mass due to fixation.  You must strengthen those muscle and get good nerve control or that joint will be prone to injury and it won't do you any good to go through the correction phase to get rid of your pain and other symptoms just to have it all go to waist just because you bent over to pick up a pencil and your back goes out or you "slept wrong" and now you headaches are back and can't turn your head to see the traffic coming. Is this all making sense to you?

My hope is that your idea of what chiropractic is has changed from being Neck and Back pain Doctors to that of actually changing your health. Most of our patients come from referrals from our patients and while you where reading about chiropractic you may have thought of someone that might benefit from what Chiropractic has to offer. That person may have tried everything and been to all the doctors, make sure you let them know about this information, it might be the only hope left.  The saddest thing is to be without hope.

Here at The AMC Clinic we take all the guess work out of care for your spine and your health and you can actually measure your progress.  If you think this is the kind of care you want or need, then theirs a good chance we can help you  come find out if you have a problem that we treat.  The consultation to speak with the doctor about your problem is free and before any professional services are rendered all charges will be explained to you.